Your love doesn’t need thousands of followers. Only one, and for the rest of your life.

This is the key message of the creative campaign launched by #SoyAmante (I’m a lover) for St. Valentine’s Day. It’s called “What kind of lover are you?” It puts the meaning of love into perspective.

You don’t need huge muscles, just the strength necessary to overcome challenges. You don’t need to have the most brilliant mind, just a bit of imagination every day.

The goal of the campaign is to promote the idea that love is within everyone’s reach, but that it’s the small gestures that matter most.

That’s why their website is full of meditations about love, personal experiences and tips. There’s also a test to help you discover what kind of person you are and what you most value in your relationships.

The goal is to give young people an awareness of the importance of fostering sincere love that isn’t just about sentimentality.

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