Daniel is a young Spaniard who, like eight out of every 10 young people, was addicted to pornography. He thought that marriage would solve his addiction problem.

“But it was the complete opposite. My problems became worse. And don’t get me wrong, my marriage was an ideal marriage. It started off well, we had ideas and projects. FLASH My wife and I gradually grew apart. She was greatly affected by my addiction to pornography and she would even compare herself to those women.”

The addiction also drew him away from God. He hid behind a facade of an exemplary Christian. But one day he realized that he had to ask God and his wife for forgiveness.

“My wife was there with me throughout my time at the center, waiting for me to be discharged, waiting for me with open arms to rebuild our life. Rehabilitation wasn’t easy, but she was there and she forgave me. She showed me mercy. A mercy that until that moment, I had never received from anyone else. Then I was forgiven by my relatives and friends.”

In the middle of his fight, he came across “Dale Una Vuelta,” an organization that helps combat one of the most secretive and shameful addictions.

They offer educational talks designed for adolescents and parents, and workshops specifically for mental health professionals and educators.

“Dale Una Vuelta”
“Pornography is seen by the individual, but it affects a larger group, a closer group. We receive messages from wives and kids of the addicts. Their world falls apart when they find out that their father and in these cases, husband, are addicted to pornography. Then mistrust seeps into their relationships.”

Their website offers tools and an online evaluation to quickly diagnose this addiction. The goal is to get around the problem and build a better version of the person.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi


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