Since pilgrims have returned to the Pope’s General Audiences at the Vatican, Pope Francis has been taking the time to bless newlyweds.

For this couple who were married in the pandemic, meeting the Pope in person shortly after their wedding day was almost unthinkable.

“It was very emotional, for us it was nearly impossible to do something like this, but we managed to do it, we were able to see the Pope up close and it was so exciting…I won’t hide the fact that we shed some tears”.

Couples everywhere had to postpone their weddings due to the pandemic. Yet getting married has proven well worth the wait.

“I still choke up when I talk about it because it has been hard for us. In the last year we have always followed our dream which was uniting our love. With all the restrictions it has been extremely difficult, but in the end we decided to keep moving forward”.

Their message to young couples: getting married is always worth it, even during a pandemic.

“Do it, do it despite all of the challenges, even if you can’t have a party, because the most important part of marriage is our union”.

Pope Francis’ monthly prayer intention for June is for young people preparing for the sacrament of marriage. Now as restrictions from the pandemic begin to ease, he may be seeing more newlyweds at his Audiences.


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