Maria Jones is one of nine from a large Catholic family. Now her title is the name of her YouTube channel, “one of nine,” which publishes short films on Catholic families throughout the United Kingdom.

Along with her husband Peter and five children, they aim to document what authentic Catholic family life is about.

“One of Nine”
“We are now seeing inside people’s homes and how it really is happening, like family after family after family. There are some really inspiring families, but to see lots of different ones who are just completely normal and incredible as well, it’s exciting and inspiring and you don’t feel so alone.”

Through intimate conversations with Catholic families, “one of nine” sheds light on the many aspects of raising a Christian family in today’s world.

“One of Nine”
“It kind of builds a picture of real Catholic life. Where are the faithful Catholics at? Well, here they are, here’s what our lives are about, here’s how we deal with life, death, joy, raising teenagers.”

-“What happens is as soon as we hit record, the babies start jittering!”

After several months of producing films on Catholic family life, the Joneses say they are still amazed by the stories they hear from Catholic families, each one of which shares its own trials and triumphs.

“One of Nine”
“I’ve been really humbled by these families that we’ve met, and different stories, and different things that they’re going through. And sometimes it’s the big and obvious sufferings, and harrowing stories of child loss, which has been huge for people, obviously, and then also the ordinary and the quiet struggles that people have.”

“One of nine” is telling the story of Catholic family life as it truly is, and inspiring Catholics everywhere to live it to the fullest.


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