While greeting pilgrims at his General Audiences, Pope Francis has been stopping to bless large families, as well as married couples just beginning their journey towards family life.

To Victoria and Manel, he even imparted some words of advice.

“The Pope asked us if we had had a fight yet, and we said we’ve only been married for only four days, so no. But he told us most importantly that if we fight, that we settle it the same day. That we can’t bring it to bed.”

The Pope’s recommendation? To always ask for forgiveness lovingly and with affection.

“He said we shouldn’t go to sleep without asking for forgiveness, and to say sorry like this…so, sorry, and that’s it.”

Marie Bertrand is moving back to France with her husband and four children after living in Rome for three years. She says receiving a blessing from the Pope is the greatest goodbye present her family could receive.

“We will truly carry this good memory of grace and the blessing with us. We were blessed by the Pope, so it was a very powerful moment.”

The Pope’s audiences are suspended for his vacation during July. In August, he is scheduled to resume his General Audiences, and return to promoting family life at all of its stages.


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