“Becoming a father has changed my life…”

One day, Pablo and one of his seven kids decided to stop being simple consumers of social media and started creating quality content to help strengthen families.

And little by little his entire family unit has become this project: “FamilyMan Vlog.”

FamilyMan Vlog
“As parents, let’s put our hearts into what we do as a family, into the activities we share with our kids. If you’re playing dolls with your daughter, put your heart into it. Make that moment the most important thing for you. FLASH To be a ‘Family Man,’ we need formation. We shouldn’t just wing it when it comes to important family matters. There are some things we can improvise, like plans, but teaching values to our kids is not something that should be improvised.”

On his YouTube channel, “FamilyMan Vlog,” this family touches on a variety of topics, like planning family activities, all kinds of tutorials and even some comical videos.

“Yes, true love is noble cause. It’s almost as good as a lamb sandwich with tomato and lettuce when the lamb is cooked just right. It’s so good.”

Pablo initially avoided talking about political topics and religion, but one day he changed his mind about communicating his faith.

FamilyMan Vlog
“Everyday on the news I would see Christians in the Middle East dying, being beheaded. They would affirm their faith as they were killed. I felt like a fraud in front of all those Christians who were suffering, while I kept my faith hidden and avoided suffering.”

The channel’s most popular content is about daily family life.

“Look at the snow in Madrid. We haven’t even had breakfast. We left the kids at home. Some are still asleep. And we came to enjoy this historic moment.”

It’s proof that social media can be a tool to unite families and bring out the best in them.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi



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