Natural family planning, or fertility awareness, is a natural method for couples to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

To help couples and health professionals learn about the practice, the University of Navarra in Spain, in partnership with the University of the Andes in Chile and the Veritas Amoris Project is hosting the International Symposium on Natural Fertility Awareness to discuss how couples’ sexuality aligns with their faith and health.

Department of Gynecology, University of the Andes (Chile)
“What we are hoping to do in this conference is to show the beauty of integrating these elements, of how to rescue the concept of what a person is in a much more integrated, much more holistic, complete, and human sense.”

The conference will feature workshops and lectures from speakers such as renown theologian Christopher West and Archbishop Mario Iceta or Burgos, Spain. It is geared towards individuals, couples, and health professionals who want to use their sexuality to strengthen their relationships and strengthen the family.

Department of Gynecology, University of Navarra (Spain)
“Ultimately, (Natural Family Planning) is a way of demonstrating my relationship to my wife in the context of family, and her relationship to me. I would say that in daily family life I can speak about my sexuality with a beauty that makes my kids understand from a young age that this is truly a path they can follow and it becomes much easier for them to reach it.”

Natural family planning requires couples to chart their fertility cycles and practice periodic abstinence. Although it is seen as a natural alternative to birth control among Catholics, it has numerous benefits to non-Christians alike.

Department of Gynecology, University of Navarra (Spain)
“What we may call the Christian concept of sexuality can seem undesirable, and in this conference we want to show first of all that it is profoundly attractive, but also that its something that can be lived out, and be profoundly attractive to, those who do not share our faith.”

The International Symposium on Natural Fertility Awareness will take place in-person in Pamplona, Spain from September 22-24. It will be accessible online with simultaneous translations for participants around the globe.


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